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Vitamin K2 supplements, which is best?

What is the difference between all the vitamin K2 supplements on the market today?

Once you become aware of the need for Vitamin K2 and decide to visit the local vitamin store or web-stores, you realize that choosing which vitamin K2 supplement to purchase is not so easy. However the number of options can certainly be seen as a testament to the growing interest in this product.

The following are some of the supplements we have found.

Vitamin K1 or K2 (with no further explanation)

These two are generally the least expensive. Vitamin K1 comes from chloroplasts (leafy green vegetables) and is readily available in our markets today. This vitamin is responsible for proper coagulation. In 2009 McCann and Ames developed the triage theory in which they proposed that certain processes are so life essential, that all resources will first go to them. Coagulation is one of these, therefore the problem with taking Vitamin K1 as a source for K2,  is that it goes first to the liver to meet coagulation needs and then any excess may become available to the intestines where bacterial conversion to K2 occurs. This process may be affected by a person’s liver health, antibiotic use, and general health. Vitamin K1 is not considered to be an efficient source of K2.

If Vitamin K2 is listed with no further definition as to the source, chances are this is a product which may not contain enough active molecules or there may be other undesired by-products. Please see the analysis chart on our K2 Science page for illustration.

Vitamin K2 as MK-4

Yes, this is a form of vitamin K2, however it has a half-life, the time it is viable in the body, of hours as opposed to days. The 4 refers to the length of the side arm of this molecule. Our product is MK-7 which has a side arm almost twice as long. The longer the side arm the greater the stability of the molecule. Please go to our K2 Science for illustrations of MK-4 and MK-7. MK-4 is sold in milligrams while MK-7 is sold in microgram quantities. Because of the short half-life of MK-4, much higher doses are needed.

Vitamin K2 from natto or soy or chickpeas

  • This would be an excellent source of K2 except for the following:
  • It is a soy product, which may be GMO.
  • Many are allergic to soy.
  • It comes from a fermented source

And most importantly, this form of K2 contains inactive forms of the molecule. Many laboratories when testing for purity only test for the number of carbons, hydrogens and oxygen present in the molecule. They do not test for the structure, to eliminate the inactive forms. Please go to K2 Science for further explanation.

Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone (with no further explanation)

Is it a soy product or maybe something else which does not test cleanly by chromatographic analysis?  Menaquinone is the biochemical name for MK-4 and MK-7. The consumer has no idea which they are purchasing. MK-4 can also be called menatetrenone.


This was listed as an ingredient on one product observed recently. While there is nothing wrong with including this by-product, its function in the transport of calcium is questionable; it has been found to be instrumental as a blood thinner.

ProNordic’s vitamin K2

This product is all trans, which means it contains only the active molecules of Vitamin K2. It is all active MK-7 with no soy allergens, it is not GMO, and does not come from a fermented source. Please see K2 Science for copies of analysis results for our product, as well as, analysis charts for many of the products listed above. The page also illustrates what it means to be an all trans product.

When deciding which vitamin K2 to purchase, there are many products to choose among, when you buy ProNordic K2 you will only receive an all trans, all bio-active K2.

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