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Vitamin K2 Science

On this page we will demonstrate and list several traits which differentiate ProNordic K2,  from the other Vitamin K2 products on the market.

Chromatograph analysis

This is what pure trans MK-7  looks like on a chromatogram.

 Figure 1. ProNordic’s vitamin K2

vitamin k2 science

Here is an example of product where the source of the K2 is not provided.

Figure 2. Vitamin K2 of unknown origin.

Vitamin K2 of unknown orgin

One of the points is MK-7, but what are all the others?

And now the graph for a product extracted from soy.

Figure 3. From a natto product.

vitamin k2 graph

The extra blips are impurities which are not the product desired.

Molecular size

This illustration demonstrates the difference between MK-4 and MK-7.

Figure 4. MK-4 and MK-7.

Mk-4 and Mk7 k2 vitamin

The molecule with the longer side arm is more stable and is viable for days rather than hours.

Molecular configuration

The elements in MK-7 can bind together in either the cis or trans formation.


         Trans Binding
Trans Binding k2 vitamin

         Cis Binding
Cis Binding k2 vitamin


Figure 5. Molecules shown here are not vitamin K2, but these illustrations serve to demonstrate the difference between trans and cis bindings.

They look very similar, but only one form, trans, will function as needed and even more tricky…both have the same number of carbons. (4) and therefore will appear to be equal in some testing. The cis form is inactive, so will not be of any benefit to the person taking the supplement.

The benefits of being a non-soy, non-GMO product.

When it was learned that natto (a soy product) was a great source of Vitamin K2, many companies started growing the fermented soy and harvested the K2. This process presents a few challenges to the consumer.

There are those who are allergic to soy, and soy is often a genetically modified food (GMO).

A short summary of how our vitamin K2 is different from other  products on the market today. The product is pure for the active trans form of the molecule as demonstrated on the chromatogram. . The product is not produced from fermented soy, so it contains no unintended by-products or GMO’s.

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