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Vitamin K2 Promotion

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                       Non-Soy, organically derived from plant oils.   No fermentation by-products, GMO’s or allergens.

Without Vitamin K2 , little of the calcium you take does your bones any good; the calcium simply gets distributed to places you don’t want or need it. Vitamin K2 activates the protein which transports calcium into your bones, nails and teeth.

If you are thinking about buying a vitamin K2 supplement, don’t!
Or at least, not until you have all the facts.

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Here is the lab analysis (chromatogram) of our ProNordic vitamin K2 product. Please compare it with the diagrams below and note how pure our supplement is compared to theirs.

ProNordic’s Vitamin K2
This is nearly 100 percent pure K2!
ProNordic Vitamin K2 analysis chart
Note how clean the line to the left of the spike is (no impurities).
(the small blip at the far left is from reference material)

In the chromatogram that follows, you can see a lab analysis for a product
derived from soy.

Chromatogram Shows Vitamin K2
Derived From A Soy Source

Vitamin K2 Soy Source Analysis Chart
The large spike you see on the right side of the graph is vitamin K2. The smaller spikes you see to the left are impurities.

Diagram Shows Vitamin K2
Derived From Chickpea

Vitamin K2 From Chickpea analysis
Again, we see the large spike representing K2, and impurities (on the left).

Finally, we come to supplements that are from unknown sources.
The following chromatogram shows K2 vitamin from an unknown origin.

Diagram Shows Vitamin K2
Derived From An Unknown Origin

Vitamin K2 Unknown Source analysis chart
The above chart begs the question, what’s in this vitamin?

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DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

WARNING: If you are pregnant or nursing or taking prescription medications, including anticoagulants, consult your health-care professional prior to use.

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