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Soy Free Vitamin K2

The Soy Free Vitamin K2

Why you should be looking for a soy free vitamin K2 (MK-7) product.

1. There are many who do not tolerate soy, and therefore the more common forms of this vitamin are not acceptable. Most K2, MK-7, comes from bacterial fermentation of soy. Our soy free vitamin K2 product is also gluten and cellulose free. Through a process of organic synthesis our supplier provides a soy free vitamin K2 which is superior for it’s purity and bio-activity.

2.  Soy is a common GMO source.According to wikipedia “Transgenic soybeans are marketed all over the world, and the sale of conventional soybeans is decreasing more and more. The United States produces GM soybeans (the Roundup Ready variety) almost entirely, at 85%, and often conventional soybeans are mixed with the GM variety as no distinction is made between the two. Soy is a common GMO source.

3. Most vitamin K2 is extracted from soy.  Analysis of soy products shows impurities. What are they? Inactive molecules, other Mk forms..

4. ProNordic K2 is from a patented non soy source. The product has also been FDA and EU registered. See the Why Pronordic K2 page.

5. Be careful to choose your source carefully. Others claim they are soy free, but where does that product come from and how does it test for potency.

Included on our vitamin K2 Science are analysis results from testing of soy sourced K2.  We show analysis results for chickpea sourced K2 products on the Product Quality posting under the Blog section. At issue with some of the other products is the method of testing. Some methods are not adequate to test the actual contents for bio-active K2. The testing only looks at the number of carbons, hydrogens and oxygens in the finished product, not taking into consideration the configuration. We illustrate how the molecule can form incorrectly on the vitamin K2 science page

Here’s a great book on Vitamin K2:
Vitamin K2 and the Calcuim Paradox
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