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Why ProNordic Vitamin K2?

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What form of vitamin K2 is in ProNordic’s product?

Characteristics which make ProNordic vitamin K2 unique.

Our vitamin K2 is only trans menaquinone (MK-7) and nothing more. It is the only pure product on the market. Please refer to Why several forms of Vitamin K2 and Vitamin K2 Science pages for further information about other products labeled as vitamin K2 on store or web shelves today. New to vitamin K2? You may want to go to Why vitamin K2 Mk-7 to learn about this essential nutrient.

This product is produced in a US facility under GMP guidelines and has been tested by an independent lab to certify concentration. Copies of the certificate is available on request.

The product has GRAS approval in the US and Novel Food approval in Europe. According to Wikipedia, “Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is an American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designation that a chemical or substance added to food is considered safe by experts.”

Our product is not from a fermented source (soy or chickpea), nor does it contain any of the following found in most other products on the market today:

Our new 100mcg vitamin k2 in a veggie softgel

Our new 100mcg vitamin k2 in a veggie softgel

  • soy derivatives
  • allergens
  • contaminants of other non-effective forms of K2
  • gluten
  • toxins

This product comes in non-allergenic softgels in MCT oil. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, a high grade oil very similar to coconut oil. While it is strongly recommended that vitamin K2 be taken with food — preferably containing some oil or fat — the oil in the capsule ensures that at least a small amount is present when the vitamin is taken.

For those who find illustrations interesting, this is a chromatogram for our vitamin K2.

Chromatogram for K2 Vital(TM) Pronordic Vitamin K2

ProNordic chromatogram

Chromatograms of other products on the market are included on our Vitamin K2 Science web page.

And one final note:

Danisco, the European branch of DuPont, is adding this ingredient to fortify their products.

pronordic-k2-capsulesWhy do we sell two different products?

The ProNordic Vitamin K2 formula

If you are already taking a supplement with vitamin D3 or believe you spend plenty time in the sun, you may not want or need to take the formulation with D3.

The ProNordic Vitamin K2, D3 formula

These two vitamins complement each other, because they are both involved in the calcium utilization process and both are oil soluble. Vitamin D3 is readily available to those who live in areas where they can spend time in the sun. However, today many have retreated avoiding exposure or live where sunlight is not as readily available. It is with these people in mind that we decided to make this combination available. Our D3 comes from a corn source and therefore contains corn allergens.

Why is our concentration 100 mcg?

The recommended daily dose by RDI standards is 80 mcg for vitamin K1; there is no recommendation for K2 at this time. Recommended doses from doctors and authors vary. Most of those who take our product take 100 mcg daily, however, there are many who take 200mcg. Consider your diet; maybe you often eat foods rich in vitamin K2, such as grass-fed dairy, hard cheeses, natto, and grass-fed organ meats. If so, you may decide taking one capsule daily is appropriate for you. Of more importance than the amount taken daily is to make a commitment to stay with the supplement long term. You can’t take the supplement for a month and expect to be covered for a year. MK-7 is more the more stable form of vitamin K2. It will be therefore be viable in your body for an average of a few days (depending on your metabolism).  The development of osteoporosis or calcification did not happen overnight; the reversal and maintenance of your bones, veins and arteries will not be an overnight process either.

The vitamin D3 amount per capsule is one half of the daily recommended amount.

There has been no evidence of any risk of overdosing on vitamin K2.

If you are taking anticoagulants or are pregnant, please consult with your doctor before taking this supplement.

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